Monday, March 06, 2006

FMCG or IT ?

The answer to this question does not pose any challenge for people who are doing their management in HR. Over the years FMCG has been the preferred sector. When I say over the years, I am referring to last one and a half decade since there was no recognizable presence of IT sector before that.

No one knows why it is so......when asked questions to people who put FMCG above IT the answers were very vague. So I decided to compare myself.

Interest: Point taken. But holds true only for the people interested in subjects of law and field of IR (Industrial Relations).

However, the scene over the years has been that come placements and FMCG names are everywhere (except for people who are consult focus) otherwise ask anyone and you will hear P&G, A Paints, Nestle, Cadbury, HLL, on and so forth.......

Brand Name: There are big names on either side.

Salary: They say its the last criteria to decide..........however that is just another management lie!

Okk.....IT companies definitely match the pay given by FMCGs......and annual average increments in IT sector are much more than that offered by FMCGs. Also in hand component with IT is more than that of FMCGs.

Locations: With IT you will definitely be in metros......with FMCGs you never know.

Job Security: Does anything like that exists anymore?

Work Content and work environment: (there comes another management jargon!!)

The point of work content is taken care by interest and as far as work environment goes I personally do not think there is any marked difference.

And still go to any B-school and ask for the preferences, its P&G, HLL and then IT, banks and the list continues......ask some topper why and get yet another vague answer !!