Thursday, June 15, 2006

As my internship comes to a close…

This one is dedicated to all the people who made my life in Switzerland not only easy but a lot of fun………The animals appear in the order in which I met them.

Niharika: My first point of contact. Her interaction started even before we touched the foreign land. All out insatiable queries were best answered and it was so much easier because of that. Also she in troduced me to wonderful world of trainees and so many new friends that I was to make.

Sandra: My first dinner invitation and first Arab dinner invitation. Austrian by nationality, she is a very quiet and mature person. Doesn’t talk much but whenever talks, talks a lot of sense. Of course a pub quiz partner. I enjoyed it very much Sandra.
I unfortunately dont have a snap righ tnow...

Nataliya: Ms. Brazil. That is what we call her sometimes. A very enthusiastic and jovial personality. I never knew Brazil and India had so many things in common. She has even gifted me with Brazil wrist band. I will never forget the match we saw together and I am expecting you next year in India.

Nataliya: My Ukranian connection. I have hardly seen anyone laughing like her. Perfectly innocent and not caring if someone is watching or not. I really envy you for that. I wish I can do just like that some day!! Again an extreme enthusiast…..Budma…..Ho !!

Michal: My polish friend. One of the coolest people and best friends I made in Switzerland. He is the one in whose room I am sitting while I write this. He so gracefully accepted me for the last week. We share a lot of interests in common all of which I cant write here because of obvious constraints…..but football is certainly one of them. A die hard polish fan. Too sad the way in which they lost today to Germany. I supported them mate….tough luck!!
We sure will meet one day again in life. Keep in touch buddy!!

Julia: Wie geht’s? My German connection. As I have mentioned before, our first host outside Zurich. I cant describe how I enjoyed that weekend Julia. She also happens to be the one who can boast of having started this tradition of having gatherings every weekend and making a lot of new friends and a lot of fun!! Your performance while bidding us goodbye at Lausanne station can never be erased from my memory.

Again the first host. We never really had muchinteraction. But wishing you all the best wishes for your upcoming wedding and hope you two do well in life.

Daniel: A Hungarian student I met at Lausanne……
we didn’t have much time together. But I enjoyed
every bit that we spent together.

Dominique: Fosters Australian for beer!! I will remember your advise “Give it a try, it always works!!”

Andre: My brasilien __________

mate!! He just turned a man and what a grand party we had on his birthday!! You have been a great friend mate. I hope we always remain in touch. However before I go I am expecting to meet you again at Zurich…..

Where is Brazil??.....when you ask that question where is India next time……be assured that I will be there in India!!

Asia: We didn’t have much time together either….but whatever time we spent together, I thoroughly enjoyed. My polish friend.

Unna: Scandinavian friend from Denmark. One of the most silent and most sweet people around. Tell her something and she will go out of her way to help you. She was again a perfect host in Lugano. A very well received trip and who can forget the Swiss m

iniature museum? Pity Unna that we could not meet after that weekend. Hope we meet sometime in future.

Emir: Go Tunisia go!! He and Julia bag the award for most hospitable and courteous hosts. He is a silent worker. Will never say what

he is doing but you can be rest assured that it will be perfect. He also happens to be the one who showed me around in Basel when I had been there. He also is the member of our elite team which saw Brazil playing!! That Sheesha was amazing man with apple flavour. Do try sometimes the way I have suggested. Believe me it is nice!!

Carmen: Mexico. We spent very little time again but it was good trip with you in Lugano and Basel.

Ewelina: Poland again!! And I finally get her name’s spelling right!! Met her a little late as she arrived after some time than when we arrived. However, one of Zurichers I spent m

ost my time with. You have been a very good friend. Keep in touch.

Chris: My african brother!! We had great time together....i hope some of our african brothers do well in WC.......and for all those who do not know him.....he is another laugh freak just luke Natasha (Nataliya)!!

Thank you guys and girls for a wonderful reception and a wonderful stay. Have a lot of good memories to take back and hope to meet you all sometime in future. And anytime you plan to come ti India and just remember I am just a phone call away.

For all my Switzerland trip snaps....please click here

And Mike, Nataliyas, Sandra, Andre I am expecting you next year!!

P.S. I need to mention my project guides.....

A very sweet lady. And a very nice man. I was treated very respectfully at work and was given the full freedom to work the way I wanted to. A very professional treatment and I bet I was in best of hands.