Monday, October 23, 2006

It Festive season...

Hay Nikhil, Dude! Hows life?

Hay Amit, fine man. Where you up to?

Just going out.


Jlt man….nothin special.(wht a nuisance!)

Ha baba but where? Kuch thikana to hoga…

Surabhi’s room yaar.

Some B-plan competition eh?

Hmm….(shit he knows I am participating)

So whts the team?

Me, Surabhi and I think a couple of others…(there he goes!)

So whts the competition? Wht details?

(Wht the fuck!!) are there was this mail a few days back. Don’t remember who had floated it.

(He doesn’t remember? For god’s sake, u have registered and u are participating….) Ahh…

So when is the deadline?

(shit, its tomorrow….if I tell him now, he will also participate….) Don’t remember man…..but I think sometime in couple of days I am not very wrong.


Chal cya….Surabhi is waiting.


Amit reaches Surabhi’s room…

Are kitna time Amit!

Are Nikhil mil gaya raste me…was asking bout this competition…

Bola kya usko?

Well not much…


Accha sun, we need a DVD writer. We have to submit the final proposal in DVD as the film we have shot cannot fit in one CD.

Shit!! Only Nikhil has a DVD writer. I cant ask him now.

Hmm….ek kaam karte hain…Rima nahin to Suresh ko poochne bolte hay (these are the other two member of the team)

So Rima calls Nikhil.

Hay Nikhil, yaar I need your DVD writer sor some time….can u give it pls (this pls comes surprisingly sweetly!!)

K….np….get ur lappy…..will writ eit anytime u want.

Are can u pls lend it for some time?

Okies…..but wht do you need it for?

Wanna write a DVD. (To be honest enough, I am a lil technologically backward…..dunno many uses of it other than DVD writing!)

Haan but wht?

Are there was this film we had shot….just wanted to write tht.

Oho….so yet another b-school competition huh?


So who all?

Me, suresh and a couple of others….

Chal thik hay….leke jaa….

Epilogue: Nikhil never came to know that Amit, Surabhi, Rima and Suresh formed same team. In spite of all the efforts to keep the competition at bay, they cud not win the competition.

And someone had posed a question whether B-school help us become better human beings….