Thursday, July 05, 2007

JuSt CrUsH iT…

Learning from relationships never seems to stop to amaze me. Only a few days back I was amazed to see how boys and girls can perceive the meaning of crush differently!

For me (and I am speaking on behalf of the male fraternity, call it self proclaimed spokesperson….well at least a very large percentage of it) word “crush” means that you like a girl. That’s it. Full stop. It does not mean that a guy is in love with the girl or he would like to have a romantic relationship or he wants to marry her or for that matter he is her fan! And yes, crushes can change many times in a day.

For girls (it comes from some of my well informed friends of fairer sex) it essentially involves a romantic angle in the whole matter. I don’t know if that changes that often but I am pretty sure in this sense they are not much different. So even if it changes, for whatever little time it exists, they got to perceive some romance in it. (And I have no clue why as even the dictionary points towards something destructive with that word.)

I was confronted by a friend of mine a few days back by a question “so….how is your sweetheart doing?” These are the times when I feel happy, confused, suspicious and mad at the same time. Happy to think I am capable of having a sweetheart. Confused because I did not know I had one. Suspicious because what on the earth this person wants from me and mad because that hardly the first sentence to greet a friend. So back to story and I had no clue who she was talking about. With all the politeness in the world I said, “well, she is doing fine… the way whom you are talking about?”

“Common now, don’t you know? The whole group thinks you are mad after her.”

“which group?”

she let me out on the information with a look similar to the one Alice must have had after tumbling through that tunnel. Piece by piece it came. And slowly but surely it fit like a jigsaw puzzle.

Suddenly I was able to make out the meaning of all the quick glances exchanged and small laughs shared amongst the members of the “group”. It was quite appalling to know that I can be thought of as a most loyal fan and nothing beyond that. Even a “label” of friend would have sounded better to ears. Not that I do not like someone but its quite different to be made fun of on entirely different imaginations.

So, just to make it clear, crush means only the fact that one likes a person as a friend and likes to spend time with her and that is all there to it!