Wednesday, October 03, 2007


As one steps into the second quarter of life, one word hits you quite regularly. And more it hits you, more you fear it. Commitment.

Last month I attended one of my closest friend’s marriage. He is only 24. Watching him there in that mandap all dressed up in bridegroom’s attire. (it’s a different story that south Indian males hardly wear anything for their marriage) But that was the “Eureka” time for me. Committment!

I mean I have already crossed the first quarter of life. I have no clue as to when is my turn for it. I am hoping it will be somewhere near 28. Age I consider nearest to ideal. What I fear is what Ragsi could commit at age of 24, will I be able to do it at 28?

Adjustment if the name of the game dude; someone told me. Ideally. Will I find someone? Hopefully!

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